The men and women of WWE Raw hit Reading, PA on Saturday, June 3rd, to perform their live event tour! There was a mob of people flooding into the Santander Arena as early as 5:30 PM excited to see their favorite wrestlers enter the ring. At 7:30 PM, the crowd went wild when Finn Balor took the stage to defeat Curt Hawkins.

Throughout the night, there was an eight man tag team, a Cruiserweight Championship, a 6 woman tag team, an Intercontinental Championship, a tag team championship consisting of three different teams, and more.  There were many fan favorites in attendance such as Sasha Banks, Bayley, Dean Ambrose, and Enzo & Big Cass. There were also some that were not so favored by the fans, such as The Miz, who had the whole crowd booing and yelling at him for purposefully pronouncing “Reading” wrong numerous times! The wrestlers engaged with members of the audience by shaking their hands before entering into the ring and by leading the crowd in cheers.

The night consisted of excitement and thrill as each of the wrestlers one by one took their spot in the ring to defeat their opponents. The crowd’s energy was felt throughout the entire arena, whether they were angrily booing a wrestler or cheering joyfully for another.  An excited and satisfied audience left the Santander Arena on Saturday night thrilled that they were able to spend their night watching their favorite wrestlers at WWE Live.