Event parking for the Santander Arena and the Performing Arts Center is provided at all of the parking garages and lots owned and operated by the Reading Parking Authority.

General Parking Information


Parking rates have changed. Current rates are available on the RPA website

Gateless Parking

Several of the parking garages are transitioning to gateless entry. See the attachment for details from the Reading Parking Authority or visit www.readingparking.com for parking rates and handicap parking info.


1. Welcome! No gate. No ticket. No need to stop.

2. License plate recorded.

3. Park as usual. Find your favorite spot and pull right in.

4. Payment required within 15 minutes of entering garage.*  

You have choices...ParkMobile. Text2Park. Walkup pay station. It's up to you!

5. You're on your way! 

PS...Pay via app or text and you'll get reminders when your time is about to expire.

Ready to leave? No gate, no payment, nothing to slow you down. You're on the road!

*As awesome as gateless parking is, garage parking is still a paid service. Failure to pay within 15 minutes of entering will result in a violation being mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.

On-Street Meter Parking

As of March 2022 the Reading Parking Authority has eliminated event rate parking at metered locations. All meters are free to park at after 6PM Monday through Saturday.

NOTE: Metered parking before 6PM MUST be paid via ParkMobile. Cash is NOT accepted at the meter for event parking. 

For new maps and more information visit Reading Parking.


Prohibited Items

Please note that the following items/activities are prohibited in all Reading Parking Authority Facilities

  • Tailgating
  • Alcoholic Beverages or coolers
  • Loitering
  • Grilling

Handicap Parking

Handicap Parking is available in several of the parking garages. For more information, visit Reading Parking Handicap Parking page.

Parking Locations

For directions to these lots please refer to the following list if you are using a GPS to find your garage 

  • 2nd and Washington : 25 North 2nd Street
  • Fourth and Cherry : 29 South 4th Street
  • Chiarelli Plaza : 25 North 3rd Street
  • Front and Washington : 27 Front Street
  • Seventh and Washington Lot : 700 Washington Street
  • South Penn : 635 Franklin Street
  • State Lot : 644 South 7th Street
  • 6th and Cherry Lot : 6th and Cherry
  • DoubleTree Garage : 600 Court Street
  • Reed and Court : 666 Court Street
  • Poplar and Walnut : 130 Poplar Street