Parking Info

Event parking for the Santander Arena and the Performing Arts Center is provided at all of the parking garages and lots owned and operated by the Reading Parking Authority.

Event parking is traditionally $10.00 – $12.00 at all facilities, except for the Penn Court Lot which is $12.00.

However, parking for “special events” incorporates a graduated fee schedule…the closer the customer parks to the Santander Arena, the more the parking fee. Therefore, graduated rates are as follows:

  • State Lot, BARTA garage, Double Tree Garage – $12.00
  • South Penn garage, Reed and Court garage, 7th and Washington Lot – $9.00
  • 4th and Cherry garage, Poplar and Walnut garage, and 6th / Cherry lot – $8.00

Please consult the Parking Authority for the dates of “special parking”. You can contact them at or by calling 610-655-6166.

For Directions to these lots please refer to the following list if you are using a GPS to find your garage : 

2nd and Washington : 25 North 2nd Street                    
Fourth and Cherry : 29 South 4th Street            
Chiarelli Plaza : 25 North 3rd Street        
Front and Washington : 27 Front Street                 
Seventh and Washington Lot : 700 Washington Street                
South Penn : 635 Franklin Street        
State Lot : 644 South 7th Street        
6th and Cherry Lot : 6th and Cherry            
DoubleTree Garage : 600 Court Street        
Reed and Court : 666 Court Street                
Poplar and Walnut : 130 Poplar Street